RainierGPR Concrete Scanning & Utility Locating Seattle WA

RainierGPR is a leading provider of Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating services across the Pacific Northwest.


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RainierGPR Service Areas

RainierGPR provides GPR Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating services in a wide range of locations, including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Everett, Issaquah, Bellingham, Olympia, Shoreline, Renton, Tukwila, SeaTac, Federal Way. Lynnwood, Auburn, Bremerton, Newcastle, Gig Harbor, Kent, Lakewood, and Mercer Island.

RainierGPR, your friendly neighborhood GPR concrete scanning and utility locating specialists in Seattle. We’re proud to use the best of cutting-edge concrete imaging technology for ultra-precise measurements and pinpoint detection of below-the-surface objects, all part of our mission to support this amazing city’s ever-growing construction requirements.

From structural slabs to waffle decks, we’ve got it covered! But what really sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to punctuality! Here at RainierGPR, you’ll discover an unmatched level of accuracy in ground penetrating radar scans throughout Seattle and beyond.

It’s just how we roll – accurately scanning today for a safer tomorrow.

Importance of GPR Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating in Seattle WA

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning is important in Seattle. It finds things under the ground. We look for cables, pipes and other stuff. This makes sure all work is safe.

Workers won’t hit something they should not.

Our utility locating service helps too. Many utilities are below the ground in Seattle. These include water, gas or electric lines. Knowing where these are helps avoid trouble when digging begins.

We use concrete imaging technology to measure how thick the concrete is as well as find post tension cables inside it without any damage.

So, GPR concrete scanning and utility locating keeps your project on track, saves time and protects workers’ safety in Seattle.

Our Services in Seattle WA

We offer top-notch GPR concrete scanning services in Seattle WA. Our team uses advanced radar technology to measure concrete thickness and find things under the ground like post tension cables.

We scan all kinds of decks and slabs. No job is too big or too small for us!

Our utility locating service is also at your disposal in Seattle WA. With our cutting-edge tools, we can find out where pipes and wires are buried under your site. This will save you time and avoid costly mistakes during construction.

In addition to scanning and locating services, we can locate storage tanks using the asphalt GPR technique too! You’ll get a clear picture of what’s beneath your feet with our excellent service without any drama or fuss!

Why Choose RainierGPR in Seattle WA

We use the best tools for our job. Our ground penetrating radar (GPR) tells us what’s under the concrete. This way, we know if there are any wires or pipes. We scan the ground fast and give you a full report of what we find.

You can trust our team to do a great job in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and other locations in Washington.

We also find things like tanks under the ground. Choose us for your needs because we’re good at what we do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RainierGPR?

A: RainierGPR is a company specializing in ground penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning and utility locating services in Seattle WA.

Q: What is ground penetrating radar (GPR)?

A: Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive testing method that uses electromagnetic waves to penetrate and image subsurface structures.

Q: How does ground penetrating radar penetrate the ground?

A: Ground penetrating radar emits electromagnetic waves that penetrate the ground and bounce back when encountering different materials or structures, allowing for imaging of the subsurface.

Q: What is the purpose of ground penetrating radar?

A: The purpose of ground penetrating radar is to identify and locate underground utilities, detect voids or anomalies in concrete structures, and provide information about the subsurface.

Q: What are the benefits of using ground penetrating radar?

A: Using ground penetrating radar allows for non-destructive subsurface imaging, which reduces the risk of damaging underground utilities or concrete structures during construction or excavation projects.

Q: What other services does RainierGPR provide?

A: RainierGPR also offers 3D laser scanning, private utility locating, and concrete imaging services.

Q: Where does RainierGPR provide its services?

A: RainierGPR provides its services in Oregon and Washington, including the surrounding areas.

Q: What is private utility locating?

A: Private utility locating is the process of detecting and mapping underground utility lines that are not owned or maintained by public utilities.

Q: What is concrete imaging?

A: Concrete imaging is the use of ground penetrating radar to detect and locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits, or other objects within concrete structures.

Q: How can RainierGPR help with underground storage tanks?

A: RainierGPR can help locate and map underground storage tanks using ground penetrating radar to avoid accidental damage during construction or excavation.