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RainierGPR Is the PNW Region’s most trusted GPR Concrete Scanning business.

Welcome to RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, your premier partner for precise concrete imaging and utility locating services. Utilizing cutting-edge Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, we specialize in identifying embedded objects within concrete structures, ensuring your construction projects are both safe and efficient. Our expert team is dedicated to providing detailed and accurate scans, helping you avoid potential hazards and costly delays. Trust RainierGPR Concrete Scanning for all your subsurface detection needs.

Tony RainierGPR Concrete Scanning



Tony has been performing GPR scanning on PT concrete for our multi-family projects for years and is always professional, on time, accurate, and understands our needs. The best in the business!
We have always enjoyed working with Tony from Rainier GPR!Rainier GPR performs quality GPR scanning for our small business in Seattle. They have always arrived on time, with the proper gear, and gotten the job done right! Their office staff is extremely friendly and easy to coordinate projects with. We have worked with Tony for many years and only have great things to say! If you are looking for a GPR company that is not only affordable but also professional and accurate you have come to the right place!
Response from the owner: Thank you Cam! We love working with Sway Mechanika!
Tony is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in what he does. He doesn't just scans your site and leaves. He explains in high detail as to what he seeing. Rainier GPR is the only company I trust doing my scans for my projects.
As a General Contractor with a thousand balls in the air at any one given time, I love working with Tony and his team. Rainier GPR is always quick to turn around pricing and scheduling short notice scans when necessary to keep our projects rolling.
The absolute best scanning company around! Tony is highly knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to communicate and explain things! RainierGPS has helped me out more than once when I was in a pinch! They are incredibly responsive! highly recommended!
We have been using Rainer GPR Concrete Scanning over the last year on many of our commercial building projects. Tony is reliable, good at what he does and documents his work very well. We work in a very fast pace/demanding market to help meet our clients building goals - I’ve made many last minute calls to Rainer GPR to scan a location and they find a way to make it work. Most importantly in my opinion is that their layout to document the scanned area is very clean and easy to read.
Rainier GPR came out and located some mystery runs of pipes and buried wires under a slab. (An old DIY radiant heat floor)They were extremely easy to work with, and relatively cheap considering what it saved us in the long run. THANKS!!
Tony was on time and extremely helpful in understanding how we needed to proceed in locating our utilities. Thanks Tony!
Fast response time, very friendly. Tony is very knowledgeable and informative. No wasted time, Tony gets right after it! Cheaper because he is faster.
RainierGPR is a high quality and professional organization. We did business with them for a concrete scanning project in conjunction with the installation of two commercial garage doors. Tony showed up on time and worked quickly to scan and mark the needed areas. We will be working with Tony and his team again in the future!
I am a commercial supervisor with 20 years experience and have worked with Tony in this capacity many times. Always, and I mean always a professional and level headed view towards his work and what his capacity is. You get complacent with work but one thing that always gets my skin to crawl is coring slabs! Integrity and trust is what helps set your mind at ease and this guy does it in spades. Have and always will use Tony for my scanning needs.
They were great! On time, kind, detailed, affordable. I had a very good experience.
Tony was great to work with, he is very knowledgeable in GPR. Tony explained to me what the equipment displayed and then transferred all that info onto the concrete floor. This gave me confidence that no pipes/conduits would be hit or damaged when cutting the concrete. Always scan your concrete before cutting! 1oz of prevention is worth it!!!!!
Would give 10 stars if I could! We had Tony scan a project with an unknown amount of utilities under the slab, he is very professional, did an extremely thorough job, and to top it off he is just a great guy to work with! We can now cut the concrete safely and with confidence. Rainier GPR is the only scanning company I would recommend.
Tony at Rainier GPR Concrete Scanning is an absolute pleasure to work with not only is Tony an expert in his field, but he's also an amazing instructor. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process and techniques of concrete scanning, making it easy for me to understand and follow along to make me a better scanner!
Tony is very professional and kind hearted individual! Love working with him! Does amazing lay out and will work with you as much as he can! Amazing company, always will use him if I have any concrete scanning to do!!
By far the best GPR company around! Tony and Landry showed up early and was very thorough with their work. Will be using them only from now on.
This guys are amazing! As a superintendent of comercial projects large and small I will never use anyone else. These guys are profesionals, reliable, competent, punctual and they have gone the extra mile just to take care of all my needs, even when the suprise scanning hits my desk !Thanks Tony and Team !!
GREAT JOB, Tony is always a professional. We have worked together on several projects and they are always willing to go the extra mile, whenever we need their services they have done so punctually. 100% recommended

Safety and Efficiency in Scanning Concrete

Post Tension Cables

Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of the RainierGPR Concrete Scanning services. We understand the importance of ensuring both safety and operational efficiency when scanning concrete structures. Utilizing advanced GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology, we provide precise imaging that’s essential to plan and execute coring tasks safely. Our GPR solutions enhance safety by accurately detecting potential hazards such as rebar, post-tension cables, and other embedded objects, ensuring that all coring activities are conducted safely. The efficiency of our GPR scanning process means minimal disruption to your project timeline, maintaining productivity. We prioritize the safety of your workforce and the integrity of the concrete structure, all while delivering efficient and reliable scanning results. By implementing GPR scanning technology, we help you achieve the highest standards of safety and efficiency in your construction and renovation projects. Trust RainierGPR Concrete Scanning to combine safety, efficiency, and state-of-the-art GPR technology for unparalleled concrete scanning services.

GPR Ensures Construction Site Safety

At RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, we understand that safety is paramount on any construction site. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and success of construction projects. By using GPR technology, we can accurately locate embedded utilities and other objects within concrete, preventing costly and dangerous mistakes. Our GPR services provide detailed insights into what lies beneath the surface, enhancing worksite safety. Utility locating with GPR ensures that workers avoid drilling into live wires or damaging pipes, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, GPR allows for precise scanning of concrete structures to identify rebar, post-tension cables, and other crucial elements. This accuracy is essential for safe cutting, drilling, and coring activities. Trusting RainierGPR for your concrete scanning needs means you’re prioritizing site safety and work efficiency. Our advanced GPR technology and expert knowledge offer a comprehensive understanding of your construction site’s subsurface, fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning

what we do

Our Services

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning provides comprehensive services designed to meet your specific construction and analysis needs. Our services include advanced concrete scanning with GPR, ensuring that you get detailed information about structures before you start your project. Additionally, we offer structural imaging and analysis services, allowing you to detect rebar and other embedded objects accurately. Our utility locating services help you identify and map utilities to prevent costly damages and ensure safety. Unlike traditional methods, our technology provides a non-invasive means of detection, ensuring the integrity of your structures. We take pride in our ability to deliver highly accurate and reliable services, whether you’re planning a new construction or conducting maintenance. Trust RainierGPR Concrete Scanning to provide all the services you need with the utmost precision and efficiency. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering bespoke solutions, bringing cutting-edge technology right to your site. Let our services make your projects safer and more efficient.

Concrete Scanning With GPR

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning uses advanced ground penetrating radar technology for all your GPR concrete scanning needs.

Our state-of-the-art concrete scanner delivers unmatched accuracy, offering detailed insights into hidden elements within concrete structures. By utilizing GPR scanning, you can trust that obstacles like rebar, post-tension cables, and pipes are accurately detected. Scanning concrete with GPR is not only efficient but also safe, providing a non-invasive method to assess your concrete.

Our comprehensive concrete scanning services help prevent costly and dangerous errors during construction and renovation. Whether you’re planning a large-scale development or a small renovation, our ground penetrating radar capabilities provide reliable results. By choosing RainierGPR, you’re ensuring the highest standards of safety and accuracy in your concrete scanning tasks.

Let our expert team assist you with your next project, ensuring all embedded materials within your concrete are accurately mapped. Partner with us for your GPR concrete scanning needs, and experience the precision and peace of mind that come with utilizing cutting-edge technology. Contact us today to get started with your GPR scanning project.

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning

RainierGPR specializes in concrete scanning services that ensure the safety and precision of your construction projects. Using advanced GPR technology, we provide accurate and detailed imaging of sub-surface structures within concrete. Our concrete scanning techniques are essential for locating rebar, post-tension cables, and other embedded objects. This allows for safer drilling, cutting, and coring, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage. By scanning concrete with RainierGPR, you can avoid costly delays and ensure your project proceeds efficiently. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art GPR technology, guaranteeing the most reliable results for your scanning concrete needs. Whether you’re working on a new construction or renovating an existing structure, our concrete scanning services provide the insights you need to proceed with confidence. Choose RainierGPR for accurate, dependable, and professional concrete scanning, imaging, and utility locating services. Trust our expertise to uncover the hidden complexities within your concrete structures, ensuring your next project is completed on time and within budget. Experience the difference RainierGPR brings to your construction endeavors.

Structural Imaging and Analysis

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning utilizes advanced structural imaging and analysis to ensure the safety and integrity of your construction projects. Utilizing cutting-edge GPR technology, our imaging services offer detailed insights into subsurface structures, enabling precise detection of rebar, post-tension cables, and other embedded objects. Our comprehensive imaging allows for accurate assessments, preventing costly and potentially dangerous drilling errors. Structural imaging is essential for engineers and contractors who need reliable information about hidden elements within concrete structures. We meticulously perform structural imaging to deliver clear and actionable data, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your operations. Trust RainierGPR to provide unparalleled imaging solutions that cater to all your project’s needs. With our expertise in structural imaging, we ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions. Our advanced imaging techniques are designed to give you a complete understanding of the structural composition, allowing for effective planning and execution. Depend on RainierGPR Concrete Scanning for expert imaging and structural analysis that you can count on every time.

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning

X-Ray Imaging vs. GPR: Comparative Advantages

When it comes to concrete scanning, both x-ray and GPR technologies offer unique advantages. X-ray imaging provides high-resolution images that clearly reveal the density and composition of various materials within concrete. This is particularly useful for detailed analysis. However, x-ray systems often require more setup time and can pose safety risks due to radiation exposure. In comparison, GPR from RainierGPR Concrete Scanning is a non-invasive method that uses radio waves to penetrate concrete, making it a safer option for both operators and surrounding personnel. GPR is also quicker to deploy and can cover larger areas in less time, enhancing its overall efficiency. While x-ray imaging is superior for precise details, GPR is better suited for broader inspections and immediate results. Each method has its place, but when considering safety, speed, and ease of use, GPR proves to be the more versatile tool for many concrete scanning needs. With the expertise of RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, you can trust that you’ll receive top-notch structural imaging and utility locating using the best technology available.

Detection of Rebar and Other Embedded Objects

At RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, we focus on the detection of rebar and other embedded objects within concrete slabs. Our advanced GPR scanning technology ensures precise detection of rebar, conduit, and various other materials hidden inside concrete slabs. This capability is critical for contractors, engineers, and facility managers who need to maintain the structural integrity of buildings while avoiding costly damages. Accurate locating and imaging of rebar and conduits within a concrete slab can help prevent any disruptions during construction, renovation, or maintenance projects. Our team’s expertise in GPR scanning allows us to offer a non-invasive method for identifying and locating rebar, providing a safe and efficient solution for any project involving concrete structures. Whether you’re dealing with minor renovations or large-scale construction, the detection of embedded rebar and other objects is essential to ensure the strength and safety of your project. Trust RainierGPR Concrete Scanning for all your structural imaging needs, as we set the standard for accuracy and reliability in the field of concrete scanning.

Key Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology

By utilizing GPR in these applications, we deliver comprehensive insights into concrete structures, enhancing safety, ensuring compliance with design specifications, and aiding in the successful completion of construction projects.


Post-Tensioned Slab On Grade (SOG)

Post-tensioned slabs incorporate steel tendons to bolster concrete. GPR scanning detects these tendons accurately. This precision helps in avoiding costly errors during cutting or demolition. High-resolution images from the radar systems reveal post-tension cables inside the slab, aiding effective construction planning.


Locating Reinforcing Steel And Conduit

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology easily finds reinforcing steel and conduit in concrete. It detects hidden objects like rebar, post-tension cables, and conduits without damage. Detailed images allow precise mapping of these elements, ensuring safe drilling and cutting operations.


Pan Decking

Pan decking involves concrete poured over corrugated steel sheets, providing strong floor support. GPR scanning identifies hidden objects like rebar and post-tension cables within the pan decking. Accurate mapping facilitates safe and efficient construction activities, preventing structural damage.


Analysis of Beams and Columns

We apply GPR technology to assess the condition of beams and columns. By detecting reinforcement patterns and potential issues within these critical structural elements, we help maintain their stability and load-bearing capacities.


Structural Walls

GPR technology helps scan structural walls to detect rebar, post-tension cables, and hidden voids. High-resolution images guide safe and efficient construction and renovation projects. This service prevents damage and ensures the structural integrity of walls.


Structural Beams And Columns

GPR concrete scanning is essential for inspecting structural beams and columns. The technology detects rebar, post-tension cables, and voids without damaging the structure. High-resolution images aid in accurate planning for construction or repair work.


Concrete Masonry Unit Walls (CMU)

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls need careful scanning for hidden elements. GPR technology detects rebar, post-tension cables, and utilities inside these walls. This non-destructive method ensures safe planning and reduces risks during construction or renovation projects.


Precast Decks And Walls

Precast decks and walls are critical components in building projects. GPR scanning identifies rebar, post-tension cables, and voids within these structures. The technology provides clear images for accurate construction planning, ensuring safety and efficiency.


Waffle Decks

Waffle decks feature a grid-like pattern with beams and ribs, offering strength and reduced weight. GPR scanning detects hidden objects like rebar and utilities within these decks. High-resolution images facilitate precise mapping, aiding construction planning and preventing damage.


Hollow Core Decks

Hollow core decks are concrete slabs with internal voids, making them lighter yet strong. GPR technology locates hidden elements like rebar and post-tensioning cables within these decks. This non-invasive method provides quick, accurate results for safer construction projects.


Storage Tank Location

GPR technology accurately locates underground storage tanks. It provides clear images of tanks beneath concrete or asphalt, reducing risks during excavation and construction. This service ensures the safety and efficiency of projects involving buried tanks.


Drainfield Location

GPR technology effectively locates drainfields. This helps determine the exact position of drain systems without digging. Accurate imaging from GPR tools aids in planning and maintaining drainfields with minimal disruption.

Planning a GPR Survey for Concrete Analysis

When planning a GPR survey for concrete analysis, it’s crucial to consider the specific goals of your project. Proper planning helps ensure accurate results and efficient use of resources. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a powerful tool for concrete analysis, enabling the detection of rebar, post-tension cables, pipes, and other embedded objects within concrete structures. At RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, we tailor our approach to meet the unique demands of each project. Our team of experts uses advanced GPR technology to provide detailed imaging that aids in structural analysis and utility locating. For any project involving concrete, it’s important to identify the areas where you’re planning to conduct the survey. This information helps in formulating an effective strategy for thorough concrete analysis. Additionally, understanding the specific objectives of your project will facilitate targeted scanning and accurate results. From residential to commercial applications, planning a GPR survey is one of the most critical steps to ensure the comprehensive analysis of concrete structures, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your project.

When Should Concrete Be Scanned?

Concrete should be scanned before any core drilling, cutting, or structural modifications are undertaken. Scanning is crucial when working with concrete slabs to avoid damaging embedded utilities, rebar, or post-tension cables. At RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, we emphasize the importance of identifying the exact location of these elements to ensure safety and efficiency in your project. Whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a large construction project, knowing what’s inside your concrete helps in planning and preventing costly mistakes. Our concrete imaging services utilize advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to provide detailed insights, making your concrete cutting and core drilling operations safer and more precise. Precision in locating these embedded objects is crucial, as inaccuracies can lead to severe structural or utility damage, increasing both time and cost of your project. Therefore, any time you’re unsure what’s within your concrete slabs or have a complex project requiring concrete modifications, it’s essential to have the concrete scanned to ensure a smooth, hazard-free operation.

Benefits of Choosing RainierGPR

Skilled and Expert Team

RainierGPR’s team is highly skilled and professional. The technicians specialize in locating utilities, examining concrete structures, and mapping underground features. They use modern technology to locate hidden items within concrete slabs precisely. The team’s expertise ensures that each project delivers accurate results. They use specialized equipment to identify rebar, post-tension cables, and underground utilities without causing damage. High-resolution images assist clients in making smart, quick decisions.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precise Outcomes

RainierGPR employs advanced technology to provide precise results. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) allows for non-invasive inspection of concrete slabs. Technicians use GPR to locate rebar, post-tension cables, and buried utilities. The high-resolution images from the GPR scanner vividly show details of subsurface objects. This technology enhances planning and decision-making in construction projects. Accurate mapping minimizes the risk of accidental damage during concrete structure work in areas like Seattle and Tacoma.

Timely Service with Comprehensive Reporting

RainierGPR offers quick and accurate service using ground-penetrating radar (GPR). This technology efficiently locates rebar, post-tension cables, and utilities within concrete. The team ensures that clients receive the necessary information without delay. Detailed reports include high-resolution images of objects beneath the concrete, which are crucial for planning and decision-making in construction projects. The skilled technicians ensure that every report is clear and reliable, allowing clients to trust the results.


RainierGPR delivers high-quality services for concrete scanning, imaging, and utility locating in Seattle and Tacoma. Their use of advanced GPR technology ensures precise identification of hidden objects. With a skilled team, they guarantee safety and accuracy in every project, earning trust across the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: RainierGPR Concrete Scanning specializes in comprehensive concrete imaging and utility locating services. Our offerings include advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning, structural imaging, analysis of rebar and other embedded objects, and precise utility locating. We assist clients in both pre-construction planning and real-time inspections, ensuring the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of their construction projects.

A: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive method that provides several advantages over traditional x-ray imaging. GPR is safer as it does not involve radiation exposure, is quicker to deploy, and is more efficient for covering larger areas. While x-ray offers high-resolution images for detailed analysis, GPR is often more suitable for broader inspections and immediate results, enhancing overall project safety and efficiency with less operational downtime.

A: Concrete should be scanned before any core drilling, cutting, or structural modifications. Scanning helps identify the location of embedded utilities, rebar, and post-tension cables, preventing potential hazards and costly damages. Our advanced GPR technology ensures precise and detailed imaging, making your operations safer and more efficient, regardless of the project scale.

A: RainierGPR Concrete Scanning’s advanced GPR technology can accurately detect and map various embedded objects within concrete structures. These include rebar, post-tension cables, pipes, conduits, and other utilities. By identifying these crucial elements, our services help prevent structural damage, ensuring the safety and integrity of your project.

A: At RainierGPR Concrete Scanning, we leverage cutting-edge GPR technology and a team of expert operators to ensure precise and reliable results. Our process involves high-frequency radar signals that penetrate concrete, capturing detailed subsurface images without invasive methods. The accuracy of our data collection and interpretation guarantees that all structural elements are correctly identified, thereby supporting safe and efficient construction and renovation projects.

Utility locating is crucial for avoiding costly mistakes and enhancing safety on construction sites. Accurately mapping underground utilities such as water, gas, and electrical lines helps prevent accidental damage during excavation or drilling. RainierGPR’s utility locating services utilize GPR technology to ensure precise detection, protecting both infrastructure and personnel while maintaining project timelines.

Our GPR concrete scanning services significantly improve worksite safety by accurately detecting and identifying potential hazards such as rebar, post-tension cables, and buried utilities. This precise detection eliminates the risk of accidents during drilling and cutting activities. Additionally, our non-invasive scanning method ensures the integrity of concrete structures, further ensuring a safe working environment.

Yes, RainierGPR Concrete Scanning offers services for both existing structures and new construction projects. Our GPR technology provides valuable insights for renovations, maintenance, and new builds, allowing for precise identification of embedded objects and utilities. Whether you’re upgrading an old building or starting fresh, our concrete scanning services enhance the safety and efficiency of your project.

RainierGPR Concrete Scanning stands out due to our expertise, state-of-the-art GPR technology, and commitment to delivering precise and reliable results. Our comprehensive services and dedicated professional team ensure detailed imaging and accurate detection of subsurface structures, helping clients avoid costly errors and ensuring project safety and efficiency. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each construction or renovation project.