Precast Hollow Cell Project

Precast Hollow Cell Project

“Necesitamos escanear las clavijas de las barras de refuerzo para poder instalar jardineras.”
Translation: We need to scan for rebar doweling to install planter boxes.

🚧 Just wrapped up a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan on a fascinating project! 📡🏗 Hollow Cell Slab!

Exciting News: Our concrete scanning revealed the intricate details of a hollow cell concrete slab. 🔍 This technology allows us to see beneath the surface and ensure construction and safety planning precision. 🛠️✨

Key Takeaways:
1️⃣ Unveiled the layout of hollow cells within the slab.
2️⃣ Identified potential areas for adjustments in construction plans.
3️⃣ Ensured a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface structure.

The power of GPR in action! 💪🔬 If you’re curious about innovative construction techniques or have questions about GPR technology, feel free to reach out!

RainierGPR is a bilingual scanning business and loves to serve the Hispanic community. We have multiple Hispanic commercial building companies we work with, and we enjoy our relationships.

The customer needed to locate all PT cables and their depth to avoid striking cables at this location. As you can see, our tech located all post-tensioned cables around each planter box in detail and marked their depth.

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